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Pain Management

A new specialty has arisen in the medical field in the last decade or so called "Pain Management."

The treatment methods used rely heavily on strong drugs, even stronger shots and surgery.

These treatments, especially the use of narcotic pain relievers has resulted in a great increase in the number of people addicted to both prescription and non-prescription narcotic drugs.

In fact, more women now die in a year from prescription narcotic drugs than from heroin and cocaine combined.

Chiropractic has been managing people's pain since 1895 with safe, drug free chiropractic adjustments.

It offers a much more conservative starting point in effective management, reduction or elimination of your pain, before resorting to these more dangerous methods.

Most of the time, we are able to we are able to handle the problem with out the aid of these invasive medical modalities by chiropractic means.

When we cannot, we gladly work with the medical field to help find the solution to your problems.

Whether it is a sudden onset of acute severe pain, or long standing chronic pain situation, many, many people find Chiropractic treatment to be the safest, most effective way to manage their pain.

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