Our Health Needs are Much Greater

By: Oshkosh Spine Wellness Center

An iconic scene from the movie “Doc Hollywood” shows Dr. Ben Stone, played by Michael J. Fox, the hottest star of the day, upended by the old-time local doctor.  The old-timer walks in and saves the day from the panicked newcomer, who was in the midst of making a giant mistake.  It turns out the patient, a young child, who was almost rushed in for emergency abdominal surgery, just needed a cola (of all things) to solve his stomach ache.  Crisis averted. 


“Go home, you will be fine.”  


Today is different. Back then, people were healthier and the ideal doctor’s role was to know if you were in the midst of a crisis or not. And it is true, in those days the right help often meant nothing. However, declaring ‘crisis’ or not is no longer good enough in the role of doctor.  Today it is no longer enough to have some knowledge and calm some fears. 


Our society and culture has progressed, and we need to progress along with it.  Part of this progress has been seeing the results of dealing with our health only when there is a crisis.  After decades of this practice, and these types of recommendations throughout health care, this ‘progress’ in society has actually ended up as a regression in terms of our health.  While our resources as a society are greater than ever, for many, our health needs are much greater.  Consider:


  • The youth of today aren’t healthy enough to sustain the military of the future. 
  • 36 countries are healthier at large and have healthier kids than America. 
  • 1 in 2 adults have a chronic disease. 


People today need to be moved towards greater health.  Information is everywhere and largely free but it is not enough anymore to come and go, and get info, when we see the rates of chronic disease steadily increasing.  People need their doctor to help them move towards health.  Chiropractors have a unique position in this new future, a position that cannot be replaced by robots, software algorithms, or chemicals.  It is the position of using your hands to improve the function of another person.  That they are skilled at guiding people at making positive changes in how they live their own lives is a great bonus. 


The present today holds tremendous potential. Chiropractic has grown and thrived because of its tremendous history of results.  The results chiropractors bring to the table can be found nowhere else – the tangible skill of the chiropractic adjustment to help facilitate healing, produced with their hands.  If you know someone that needs a ‘new’ kind of doctor, help them experience chiropractic and join the millions of people every year seeking health care that even more so focuses on health as much as disease.